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How to buy a house in Crimea

Buy a house in the Crimea.

1. Choosing the right place

If you decided to buy a house in Crimea (Ukraine), choose a suitable place. In fact you acquire not the real estate, but the mode of perception of the world. The landscapes of Crimea are very various and a panorama changes along with all coast. Here you can find short description of regions of Crimea.

Buy a house in Sebastopol.

Balaclava and Sevastopol is limestone rocks and vast bays

Buy a house in Yalta.

Yalta is majestic mountains and wooded slopes

Buy a house in Alushta.

Alushta is bright landscape and solemn tops

Buy a house in Sudak.

Sudak and Novy Svet is whimsical hills and rocks, quiet bays

Buy a house in Feodosia.

Feodosiya is a hilly plain and magnificent sandy beaches

Buy a house in the mountainous Crimea.

Mountain Crimea is the deciduous forests and mountain rivers


2. Choose the real estate

Imagine the view of real estate which you want to buy. Here you can find short information about the types of the real estate, which are offer for a sale in Crimea.

a palace - is a building, constructed on an original project in one of classic architectural styles, by an area no less than 1000 sq.m. with an adjoining park, by an area no less than 1 ha.
Buy a palace in the Crimea.

Buy a villa in the Crimea.
a villa - is a building, constructed with the use of high-quality materials, with the adjoining equipped lot land.

dwelling-house - is a house with separate lot land.
Buy a house in the Crimea.

Buy boathouse in Crimea.
a slipway - is a building with the suites of rooms, located in a direct closeness from a bank (10-50 м), as a rule, without adjoining lot land.

apartments - is the isolated suites of rooms in a housing estate.
Buy an apartment in Crimea.

Formulate your desires: you wish to buy a house near the seaside or in mountains, which view from windows do you prefer, what area your future house must have, you want to live separately or in a cottage settlement, what region do you like, what price you are ready to pay for a house, corresponding to your queries?


3. Preliminary study of the market

Before to undertake anything, it is desirable to conduct research of situation at the regional real estate market.

How many objects are exposed for sale?
What types of the real estate offered for sale?
What will an approximate cost of required real estate?

For example, in Yalta you can find a lot of expensive elite real estate on offer for sale. In Alushta a market is formed mainly from old houses with good lot lands and slipways. In Sudak it is possible to find any types of houses at moderate price.

How to buy a house in Yalta. Market analysis

How to buy a house in Alushta. Market analysis

How to buy a house in Sudak. Market analysis

How to buy a house in Novy Svet. Market analysis

How to buy a house in Simferopol. Market analysis

Prices on real estate of Crimea

Reviews of Crimean real estate market

The Best Real Estate of Crimea. Top 100


4. Choose the agency

A correct choice of the real estate agency is a key moment. It is desirable to conduct own investigation, and to find out with what type agencies you have business. Check up reputation and level of professionalism of agency.

The Best Real Estate Agencies of the Crimea. Where to search?

Rating of Real Estate Agencies of the Crimea


5. Co-operating with an agency

Send a request to agency about the purchase of the real estate. Point the most essential wishes to the real estate and contact information. For example: «I need a house in Alupka with area from 150 to 200 sq.m. with a view at the seaside at price no more than 350 000 USD. I need description and photo. Michael L., e - mail: russia@mail.ru, tel. 7-910-524-524-2».

Information and snapshots of objects will be deported you. If you will choose some variants, you can coordinate with agency the time of your visit to Crimea for examination of house which you wish to buy.


6. Transaction

The purchase of house in Crimea requires the list of preparatory actions (opening of bank accounts, preparation of extractions from the register of ownership rights, cadastre of lands and other). Practically all these measures an agency can conduct without your participation during 1-3 weeks. When all preparation will be complete, an agency will notify you, and you will be able to make a bargain during 1 day.

To get an idea about the legal adjusting of operations with the real estate, mechanisms of calculations and features of taxation you can on pages:

Useful advices for the buyer of the real estate

How to sell, buy the real estate. Secrets of Professionals

Taxation of operations with the real estate in Ukraine

Real Estate Contracts


Good luck!

Cityscape. Southern coast of Crimea.





Apartments in elite
Yacht Club in Yalta
Apartments in a luxury yacht club in Yalta.

Yacht Club is a luxury residential complex with its own territory, marina for small boats and infrastructure. Corps Yacht Club are located directly on the shore of Yalta bay in close proximity to the sea.

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Apartment complex
in Alupka
Complex of apartments in Alupka. Spanish Village.

New comfortable apartment complex in the Spanish style, which perfectly combines exotic beauty of Spain and the Southern coast of Crimea.

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Cottage complex
in Yalta
Cottage in Yalta (Massandra) Alpine Village.

10 luxury cottages with plots of land located in the prestigious village in one of the most famous suburb of Yalta - Massandra.

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Residential complex
in Yalta
New apartments in the center of Yalta. Residential complex Darsan Palace costs from the builder.

Complex variable-rise buildings with magnificent views terraces, situated in the quiet center of Yalta. Exquisite decor, marble baluster, granite floors and panoramic windows - the benefits of our real estate.

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Residential complex on the waterfront in Alushta
New apartments in Alushta on the waterfront in the Professor's Corner. Apart-Hotel Grand Palace.

The complex of apartments located in the city of Alushta Professor's Corner, on Naberezhnaya Street just 20 meters from the sea. Luxury in every detail - the exclusive performance of the project.

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Apartments in elite residential complex in the Novyi Svet
New flats (apartments) in the village Novyi Svet. Prince Golitsyn.

Residential complex in the style of the best traditions of the palace, beautifully decorated with marble, granite and natural wood.

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Apartment in complex "NAUTILUS" in Gurzuf
Complex of apartments NAUTILUS, Gurzuf.

A modern residential complex of business class, with its own quay, beach and a seating area in Gurzuf.

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